Cutting Edge Smart Home Features

Smart Home Automation with Control4

Smart Home Automation isn’t a luxury anymore, it is an expectation. Manage your lifestyle, security, and home, all from the palm of your hand. Our Smart Home services cover the full-spectrum automation lifecycle including indoor and outdoor installation and integration.

Design Connected Home Cinema Experience
Enable Flat Screen Mobile/Tablet Control
 Connect Speakers & Amplifers
Create Multi-Room Audio Zones

Cloud-Based Home Security

Know what’s going on in your home when you’re not there. We offer high-quality cameras and remote video surveillance solutions customized to your exact needs. Our cameras will alert you to any motion or sound in real time, straight to your mobile device.

Versatile Mounting

Our video surveillance cameras offer aiming flexibility and can be mounted quickly on a wall, ceiling, or pole.

HD Quality

Our Dome and IP Video cameras provide 1080p HD resolution at 30 FPS, allowing for clearer imaging.

Archived History

Be certain you won’t miss a beat or a step, with archived videos stored safely in your cloud.

Mobile Access

Watch a real-time live view of all your cameras and locations on any PC, tablet, or smart-device.

Home Automation Featuring
Alexa & Control4

Your voice is the simplest way to control your entire home. Switch on the lamp before getting out of bed or turn on the coffee maker on your way to the kitchen, all without lifting a finger.

Smart Home Add-Ons

Smart Doors

Give keyless entry to family, friends, housekeepers, and others without worrying about lost or copied keys. Control and monitor your door from anywhere and get alerts in real time.

Smart Lighting

Design combinations of daylight and artificial light that provide the optimal environment for energy conservation and atmosphere, or control your lighting all with a tap of your finger.

Smart Irrigation

Significantly improve outdoor water use efficiencies. Design a smart irrigation system that tailors watering schedules and run times automatically to meet specific landscape needs.