Skyland Development Group

Headquartered in NYC, Skyland Development Group is proudly helping to invigorate NYC and South Florida’s residential and commercial real estate market. Skyland Development is a pioneer in sustainable land use and creates projects of enduring value based on eco-friendly building standards.

Skyland Leadership Team

Since 1992, Skyland creates vibrant and inviting spaces, partnering with some of the best industry architects, engineers, technologists, interior designers, real estate sales agencies, and marketing firms. Skyland strives to be a good neighbor in the neighborhood in which they build and aspires to benefit the community at large.

Issac Dabakaroff

Chief Executive Officer

In 1992, Isaac founded Skyland Development Group with the keen intent of building a professional real estate development firm that is dedicated to providing people with high-quality design, craftsmanship, and project experience. As Skyland’s CEO and with over 30 years of experience in real estate development at hand, under his leadership, the company has expanded its portfolio to over $178 million in assets.

Daniel Dabakaroff

Chief Development Officer

Daniel is the driving force behind Skyland Development Group’s business development objectives including new construction and acquisition projects while building strong relationships with the local community. In his role as CDO, Daniel enacts complex national contract negotiations, project modeling and project team management. Since 2009, he progresses Skyland’s strategic growth plans by generating steady deal flow and an efficient professional approach to execution.

Rebecca Enlow

Project Coordinator

Rebecca is vital to ensuring our projects are aligned with our values, progress as expected, and are completed on time. She is exceptional at multitasking, which includes program development, enforcing budgets, project planning, contracting, overseeing construction progress, scheduling, conflict resolution, and project implementation oversight. Rebecca has 15 years of experience in both construction and development and specializes in ground-up and renovation projects.